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Our company was established in Bonny Doon, California in 1990 and has been responsible for providing the finest engineered hydraulic presses and tooling for jewelers ever since. In 2006 we moved our business to Taos, New Mexico and continue to develop new tools and presses for the metalsmithing community.

Today, Bonny Doon offers several different presses along with a line of specialized tooling, accessories and consumables, and remains the world’s premier manufacturer of hydraulic presses for jewelry makers, metalsmiths and artists.

Our products are available to order at riogrande.com or call 800-545-6566. You can also contact us by email at info@riogrande.com


Environmental Note

"In keeping with our philosophy of responsible economics, Bonny Doon Engineering uses 100% renewable electricity in our facility. All of our power is generated on wind farms by our local power provider. Though it costs us more each month, helping to protect our environment and our future is an important part of our business vision. “ — G. Phil Poirier, Owner, Bonny Doon Engineering





Since 1990
The finest built precision engineered presses for jewelers and metalsmiths